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I have been informed that you will be meeting in December to sort out Global Warming. I am begging you to please meet sooner. In some parts of the country Global Warming has made a big impact already. Luckily CAFOD is trying their hardest to campaign against Global Warming but we need you to do your part. In some parts of Africa drouts have affected them so badly that their goats have died of thrirst leaving the village to starve with them. I'm trying to do my part by turning off un-needed electricity but we desperately need you to do your part.

For those who are reading this here are a few ways to do your part:

-Turn off un-needed electricity using aplaients
-Do NOT turn electricity saving light on and off often (uses up more electricity)
-Don't leave things on standby. Turn them off at the plug or switch
-Don't leave chargers on. Take them out when you've finished charging.

Also did you know that every Google search you do is the equivlent of boiling a kettle so cut down your research!

Thank you for reading I can only hope that this gets published as my last comment or should I say lecture (lol!) was not published.

By Me- aged 12