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“Now I can’t wait to take some more action to have justice and peace in the world," so said Hannah, one of the CAFOD Young Leaders from Brentwood. The Young Leaders got together in December for a weekend of campaigning, opportunities for action, and meeting loads of new friends Read more

The highlight was a trip to central London for a day of action against climate change. Many of the young leaders were fairly new to CAFOD, but the group soon bonded, and everyone got to air their views about challenging issues like living more sustainably, and how we can promote social justice and human rights.

Nicole from St Benedict’s in Colchester and Jess from Brentwood Ursuline said, “We’ve loved learning more about CAFOD and how we can help with their fight for those in poverty.It was really lovely meeting the campaigners in London. They were so passionate about what they were fighting for."

Clare from Brentwood Ursuline said, “I am normally very shy and keep to myself, but during my amazing time this weekend I found that I left my personal bubble/shell behind. I was accepted for who I am.”

The young leaders got stuck into the climate campaign rally in London, and talked to people about CAFOD's forthcoming climate change campaign. Vimbai from Christ the King in South London said, “The protest was a wonderful experience. It was uplifting to be around people who were different, had various beliefs about what exactly had caused global warming and what could be done to help prevent/slow down climate change, but essentially everyone had one aim - to raise awareness of climate change.”

Sarah from St Benedict’s College, Colchester said, “I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I learnt many new and exciting things which I am sure I will be taking back with me. It was a fantastic experience for me. One of the best!”

Hannah from Brentwood Catholic Youth Services said, “I was struck by the amazing young people I spent the weekend with. To see so many people, quite a bit younger than myself, taking action for CAFOD, and wanting to learn how they can do even more to combat poverty, war and other world issues - as well as all the different people we met at the climate change rally - was quite shaming for me, but it opened my eyes.

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