York busking fundraiser!

Students in York entertained pre-Christmas shoppers with busking, raising over £1,000! The York Uni students have been fundraising and raising awareness for CAFOD throughout the year, in a fantastic show of support Read more

Bringing the Christmas spirit to the streets of York, the group of students from York University’s Catholic Chaplaincy busked in York City Centre on many occasions during advent, raising funds for CAFOD.

They braved the cold (rain and snow...) putting on a great show with lively performances featuring a saxophone, flutes and singers. Guest appearances included the Rev Tony Lester, chaplain, and Johan Bergström-Allen from the Carmelite Community based in the chaplaincy!

Hannah Mills, Catholic Students Society (CASSOC) president, said, “I had set the ambitious target of £1000, and we were determined to reach it!” The students achieved their goal – and more. They raised a fantastic £1035.69 at the last count.

This is the culmination of a busy year for the students, who have been working hard to fundraise for CAFOD alongside CAFOD Middlesbrough’s diocesan staff.

They hosted a Climate Change Dinner and CAFOD information evening at the chaplaincy, as well as helping out at a touring photographic exhibition, to publicise the work of the CAFOD Unearth Justice campaign to bring justice for people living in poverty and hardship because of the global trade in unfair gold.

Great work, Hannah, Matt (CASSOC information and communications officer) and everyone at CASSOC in York!

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