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Colin Salmon is one of Britain's most renowned actors, star of three James Bond films, and more recently as Note Makoti in the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency.
"As an actor, I've been fortunate to be in productions which have reached a big audience, and there's nothing like a good film to really engage people and make you think differently about something," says Colin. "I'm delighted to support this competition and am really looking forward to seeing young people's ideas be brought to life."

Charles Steel is a BAFTA-winning film producer and managing director of Cowboy Films, makers of most notably 'The Last King of Scotland'.'
"I'm really pleased to support young people's creative ideas, and am looking forward to reviewing the entries in this competition," Charles told us. "I think it's important that young people are motivated by the issue of climate change, and statistics and reports alone won't do this. Film can highlight how people here in the UK are taking action and getting others involved to create positive change. I'm proud to support the competition."

Emily Young is a multi award-winning film director and screenwriter. Her next film Veronika Decides to Die, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar is due to be released in 2009.
"I started making films when I left university and know that even in early, short forms, it's a wonderful creative tool to share stories, ideas and to have an impact on people," says Emily. "I'm looking forward to seeing young people's perspectives on an important topic like sustainability; it's something we have to take action on and film is a great way to start."

Juliet Coombe is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist who has covered 140 different countries round the world! She's won numerous photography awards, and Lonely Planet and Getty Images represent Juliet's work.
"My very first photographic prize was the GLC prize for London’s Young Photographer of the Year at the age of 13 - the start of an exciting career! I'd like to really encourage young people to get involved in this competition, and show what they're made of. The global issues involved here are so inspirational and important."

Paul Higgitt has been the Audio Visual Producer at CAFOD for 8 years and has directed several films overseas. The most recent film 'Planting Hope' was screened at last years UN We the Peoples film festival.
"I've made documentaries for CAFOD all over the world, and have seen first-hand how engaging and empowering it can be for young people to put forward solutions to their problems creatively. We're really excited at CAFOD to offer young people here in the UK the opportunity to use their imaginations and produce new films to share with and motivate others. Climate change is such an important issue, we hope that young people will feel inspired by it."

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