how to enter

Entering the comp is really easy... basically you just need to post your film on YouTube and tag it 'cafodfilmcomp2009' Read more

Here's your simple how to guide

First check you meet all the criteria or download full Terms and Conditions:

* you are aged 14-18 (on date of submission of film) and you live in England or Wales

* no more than four of you were 'film-makers' on your film (more people may be involved as actors or helpers, but you can only enter up to four people per film)

* your film is no more than 3 mins long

* your film is about the issue of climate change and/or the challenge of living more sustainably

* you have permission/consent from a parent/guardian for all under 18s involved in filming

* you must upload your film and tag it with 'cafodfilmcomp2009' by midnight 27th April 2009

* your film CAN NOT include anything rude, illegal or inappropriate - if it does, you're disqualified. And it's CAFOD's decision, end of!


* post your film on YouTube. Tag it cafodfilmcomp2009 and write a brief synopsis of your film to introduce it on YouTube

* email bigdeal@cafod.org.uk and include a link to your film in your email

* tell us your full names of all involved (up to four people per film), ages, school(s), addresses of school(s), parish / youth group

* include any background info such as scripts, drawings, storyboards, synopsis, ideas, notes, themes, outline of what you were trying to achieve. All this could be just as important as the film!

* alternatively, you could send everything to: CAFOD Youth Film Competition, CAFOD, Romero Close, London SW9 9TY

If your film wins a prize, we will check your permissions from parents/guardians for filming with all under 18s, so make sure you have permissions forms, keep them safe, or send them to CAFOD clearly stating which film is yours!


- more about the competition

- meet the judges

- CAFOD films to inspire you!

- film-making tips

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