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Check out these CAFOD films from around the world, several filmed by young people themselves, all about climate change and living more sustainably.
NOW we want your ideas too!
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Youth eco-action in Brazil: Film showing how young people can make a difference in their community – and inspire others. These young people are turning their community around with an eco-action initiative in the community of Recife in Brazil. The area has many problems, including gang violence and environmental degradation. They're working in the community, and using communication, pictures, and film to show us what they are doing too!
- This shows how young people are taking action in their community for positive change, and spreading the word through film.

CAFOD’s work on sustainable livelihoods: CAFOD’s work with local organisations in Kalisowe, Zambia, a tiny village where access to clean water, sustainable livelihoods and education are amongst the priority programmes CAFOD has developed with local partners.
- This film uses lots of interesting camera-work to show people in Kalisowe and the water project.

Young people flghting climate change: Hope for Mahica is a film made by two teenagers Nicollete (19) and Shivanie (18) from Guyana – highlighting the fact that 90% of the people in their country are facing floods in the future! The girls made their own film showing the crisis for poor farmers. They received film training from CAFOD partner in Guyana the 'Guyana Human Rights Association'. They edited it themselves when they weren’t studying!
- This shows what can be achieved when you set your mind to it! And a good use of interviewing technique.

Teenagers caring about the environment: Elisa(19) goe to agricultural school in Mumemo, Mozambique supported by CAFOD. They are taught about sustainable agriculture and how to care for the environment. In this film she tells her story – and why sustainable agricultural practices are vital for the future of Mozambique.
- This shows how a first-person narrator can be really effective in telling a story on film

CAFOD training in film for development: In Sierra Leone, CAFOD has a new Participatory Video project where local people are trained to explore on film the issues they face living in poverty in the aftermath of a terrible war. This explains how film is a powerful tool for advocacy and telling stories, throughout the world.
- This also shows how you could use an audio- visual slide-show, and it’s a really easy and effective technique.

CAFOD campaiging against climate change: CAFOD is launching a campaign against Climate Change in 2009. This film is taken of young campaigners in Poznan, Poland, where the 14th UN Climate Change Conference took place in December 2008. Over 11,000 delegates and observers gathered in Poznan. The film features the Climate Change March in Poznan on Saturday 6th December 2008 where activists from all over the world gathered in solidarity, marching for Climate Justice!
- Your film could feature your campaigning or fundraising for CAFOD.

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