all about the CAFOD Youth Film Competition

Top prizes inlude getting to meet a Producer, going for a power-lunch and getting loads of ideas and inspiration. Or you could find youself getting one-to-one mentoring from a BAFTA-winning Director, to really kick-start your film career! We've lined up some successful and talented judges too - so get the film comp low down here:Read more

Here's what you do:
1) As a group of friends (up to 4) or individually, think about your climate change and living sustainably message.

2) Get creative and plan out your film (we'll show you how... )

3) Take inspiration from CAFOD films we're providing for you.

4) You can film on your video camera or camcorder / handicam, or on a camera with any digital video facility, or even a mobile phone. Even a stills camera will work if you're doing an AV presentation. Get out there and film!

5) If you can edit the film that's great - or send in the roughs with your plans for us to see. You'll get points for creativity and getting your ideas across - don't worry about them not being top quality!

6) REMEMBER! - The only condition is that films are on the theme of climate change and living more sustainably (and under 3 mins long...)

7) Post your film on YouTube ( tag it cafodfilmcomp2009). ALSO share your film on your blogs, social networks, and your school website, parish website, or youth group website/social network. Get as many of your mates involved as you can!

CAFOD works with thousands of teenagers around the world. This is your chance to support them, and inspire others. We're aiming for a big network of young people all taking action - on film!

- meet the judges

- CAFOD films to inspire you!

- film-making tips

- how to enter

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