Sheffield school livesimply week

Big Deal visited Notre Dame High School in Sheffield to see a brilliant recycled-fashion show, part of the school's end-of-term livesimply week. Bringing celebrity glam to the event was VIP guest Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats and the local MP! Read more

Music blared out across the packed hall as first the sixth formers strutted their stuff against a backdrop of images from around the world, followed by years 11-7, and finally some of the braver teachers! The crowd couldn't get enough of the fantastic creations, using all sorts of imaginative colours, cuts and clothes. The event was MC'ed by sixth former Rachel Booth. Rachel said: “It’s been really fun, we’ve been throwing it out to the kids to get them to take part and they’ve all been really supportive. It’s been hard work, trying to fit it all in around my coursework, but worth it. We’ve been planning for nearly two months – we’ve done this kind of stuff before, one year an 'X Factor' style show, and a ‘bad fashion’ show, so this time we thought we’d put on a 'good' fashion show! Our school promotes livesimply, this is a creative way to get involved and we all really love it.”

Adam South (Year 7) turned the catwalk in to a disco, body-popping and moon-walking for an incredible 2-minutes. Adam said “I’ve been dancing for less than a year and this was the first time properly in public. I was a bit scared, but it was great. The livesimply week sends a good message, everybody’s got behind it. I think it’s really important that we remember people less fortunate than us, especially at Christmas.”

Nick Clegg told the audience: "I think what you’re doing today, having a bit of fun at the end of term, but also promoting a very important message is absolutely brilliant. We all lead lives where we worry about ourselves, and about what will happen to the people closest to us. And at a time when the economy is going belly-up, it’s especially easy to understand why people are concerned about how they’re going to make ends meet. Living sustainably and showing compassion to others, looking out not just for our own future but also for that of people living in poverty overseas, can only be a good thing."

Take a look at what else Notre Dame got up during the livesimply week (a new seasonal classic?)


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