Running, swimming, cycling for CAFOD

Big Deal’s really impressed with the amazing fundraising efforts of Notre Dame High School in Norwich. Last October, the students raised a staggering £10,000 for CAFOD and other charities, and their six mile sponsored walk has become an annual event. But this year they’ve even topped that! Volunteers competed in a sponsored triathlon to raise £1000 for CAFOD World Gifts and other charities! We found out how they got on from student Lauren (17)…Read more “We decided to do a tough workout because we thought it would be a real challenge and we knew it would make a difference. Me, Lauren, Roisin, and Amber-Louise from Year 11 and Ryan from Year 13 took part. Mr Eaton helped to organise the event, and he asked local gym, Bannatyne’s whether we could use their gym equipment. They were only too happy to help – and they have really impressive training facilities. The Norwich Manager, Mark Tuddenham told me, ‘It’s nice to be able to provide facilities to help out with such a great cause’.

We went along with teaching assistant Kate McCormack, Mr Eaton, and our Head Teacher Mr Pinnington. We planned to do three thirty minute sessions of running, swimming and cycling.

It was tiring, but we were really proud of ourselves after we finished! Ryan said, ‘I love to keep fit, and it’s a good way to raise money because you feel like you’re directly involved’. Everyone thought it was a great idea to help CAFOD, especially when the money raised would go towards the training of a teacher. This is an invaluable resource in a developing country, where education is often limited. It will help the long-term vision of CAFOD, to end injustice and form strong communities.

Kate’s a competitive swimmer so she’s very fit… She said, ‘It’s just nice to be involved with such a great cause, it was a tough workout, but we all knew that it was worth it!’

Our Head Teacher said “Education is not simply about exam results, it’s about learning to support others and build a community. The students and teachers have worked together for a great cause”.

In a world with natural disasters, poverty, and unequal access to education and other resources, CAFOD is essential in providing support for people in developing countries. We’re already thinking of new and exciting ways to raise money in the future!"

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