liveit against climate change

Were you at the liveit Conference earlier this year? Loads of young people got together to find ways to take the lead and fight climate change. Ten sixth formers came along from All Hallows RC High School… and since then they’ve been really busy getting out there and taking action on climate change. Helen, one of the sixth formers met up with Big Deal to let us know what they’ve been up to! Here’s Helen…
Read more "At liveit we learnt a lot about the effects of climate change on the earth and the people in it, and left inspired to try and change the way in which we live to living simply, sustainably and in solidarity. We had hosted liveit guest speakers Shivanni and Nikki from Guyana and so we knew all about their story of how climate change affects the farmers in their country.

After the conference, we felt really motivated! We ran two retreat days for Year 9 with the theme of climate change and how we as Christians can help prevent it. We held an eco-fashion show where the Year 9s made their own costumes using newspapers, bin bags and polythene bags. Each group of students was a different country; China, Britain, USA, Sri Lanka and Zimbawe. The students from the richer countries had more materials than those from poorer countries to represent the unequal distribution of wealth, and these poorer countries had to trade and struggle to make their costumes.

We held a reflection where we prayed for people in poorer countries whose lives are affected by climate change. And we set up games for the Year 9s too – like the water game. Everyone had to move water from a full bucket to an empty one, using only straws. It was a good way to realize that some people have to travel miles to collect water.

Dr Mike Edwards from CAFOD came to our school to play his didgeridoo! We all thought his speech on climate change was memorable, and long queues of students waited to ask him questions. We asked the Year 9s to write a promise of something they can do to help stop climate change on a postcard addressed to themselves which would be sent to them at a later date.

We’ve also performed the CAFOD play on climate change ‘Degrees of Change’ three times! We thought it was a really moving and inspiring way to spread the message of livesimply. Liveit lives on!"

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