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Check out some of the great films entered into our CAFOD Youth Film Comp! Thanks to all who entered - you did a great job and we really enjoyed watching all your films.

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Captain Climate has long been saving the world using his powers of flight and errr, smelling wasted resources. But what can he do when the problem of climate change gets too big for him to handle?

Well, he asks for help of course...

Hey everyone
this is our video about sustainability in the wonderful town of Potters Bar
We hope you enjoy watching it and learn a bit about what you can do to help your local community
Enjoy the video because we certainly enjoyed making it !

This is our CAFOD sustainability competition entry- re-creating clips from famous films to promote sustainability. Enjoy.

My entry to Cafod's film competiton on climate change/ sustainable earth. Black and white short film inspired by Gus Van Sant's Dicipline of DE.


Send your message to G20 world leaders

'big hands' for climate justice

Originally uploaded by Simon Rawles
At the launch event in London with Sarin from Cambodia who's a community organiser working to support villagers and indigenous people as they are affected by climate change - and the 'big hands' climate justice action cards

Originally uploaded by Simon Rawles

Create a climate for justice!

CAFOD's new Climate Justice campaign is about speaking out for people living in poverty, because the changing climate effects them the most.

Joining the Climate Justice campaign launch on 12 March were community leaders from Cambodia who help villagers effected by climate change, Ed Miliband (Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change) and lots of CAFOD supporters and climate activists.

Mr Miliband said: "We must all take responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. Cutting emissions by 80% by 2050 will set us on the right path, and a global agreement in Copenhagen must be fair to this planet and to communities across the world."


NEW! CAFOD's Climate Justice Campaign

"Create a climate for justice!"

The world’s poor are already suffering the effects of a changing climate. Millions are being pushed deeper into poverty as droughts, floods and extreme weather increase. 2009 is a crucial year - in December, UN leaders meet to hammer out a global deal to tackle climate change.

TAKE ACTION! Send your message to the goverment and world leaders today. You'll be joining people around the world to make sure that people in poverty get a fair climate change deal! Click the pen to add your voice.


Obama-ize yourself - speak out for JUSTICE, JOBS and the CLIMATE

The G20 world leaders are meeting in London in April - it'a a big test for Barack Obama's commitment to helping poor communities throughout the world!

How would you make the world a better place if you were him?
Obama-ize yourself now and get your message heard


Carnival Drumming

Have a go at our new 'Carnival Drumming' game, and get into the carnival mood for your Brazil eco-carnival fundraiser!

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Top prizes to be won!

Win great prizes for a 3 min film clip in the CAFOD Youth Film Comp! You could get to meet the Producer of 'The last King of Scotland' - Charles Steel for a power-lunch and the chance to go backstage on a film-set! Or you could get mentoring and advice on your film-making from award-winning Director, Emily Young, which would really kick-start your film career. Runners-up get signed photos from globe-trotting international photojournalist Juliet Coombe... So grab a camera (or mobile phone) for your chance to WIN!